Compact Carbon Filters CV8

Designed for the Highest Necessities in Gas and Odour Filtration Applications

  • Compact Carbon Filter Type CV8 Full Plastic Frame

    The CV8 Full Plastic Compact Carbon Filter is designed for the highest necessities in gas and odour filtration applications.

    Each CV8 Full Plastic filter contains eight ‘Minipleats-Media Packs’ cast in V-shape technology to achieve the lowest pressure drop results and highest gas absorption capacity.

  • Design:

    The side covers of the filter are made from rigid plastic with integrated water outlet slopes on both the up- and down-stream sides. Connection slots for the insertion of the pre-filter frame HFA-# are also included. These features, in combination with the reinforced profiles, provide maximum space for the filter media pack and obtain a high mechanical strength. The filters are supplied with a flat flange and an optional endless gasket creating a secure seal between the filter and each standard pre-filter holding frame.

  • Testing:

    The filters are tested in accordance with the ISO 11155-2 standard for removal of indoor and outdoor gaseous contaminants.

  • Features:

    • High quality micro fibre laminated carbon media
    • Lowest initial pressure drop
    • High quality standard due to Quality Assurance System
    • Highly economical through high final pressure drop
    • Usable in two flow directions
    • Rigid frame

  • Standards:

    • EN 779
    • ISO 11155-2

Gas Absorption Filters CP

Gas Absorption Filters CP

The CP filter is designed to absorb various gases and volatile air-borne substances into high-density carbon droplets that are packed into an aluminum frame and covered with a protective screen.