Portable Air Filtration Systems

A Self Contained, Mobile Unit with a High Efficient HEPA Filter and a Radiation Source

  • Portable Air Filtration System FA 2000 HSZ

    The IsoArk Filtration System FA 2000 HZS is a self contained, mobile unit. It is equipped with a high efficient HEPA filter and a radiation source. The HEPA filter traps the airborne particulates, aerosols and viruses where the radiation source then destroys them. This dual process avoids the accumulation of living microorganisms in the system. The IsoArk Filtration System is used as:

    • An air recirculating unit in a room to minimize the spread of airborne disease, by providing a large number of air changes when delivering up to 2200 m³/h filtered air
    • A fast and economical solution for changing a standard room into a negative pressure isolation room
    • A mobile application in conjunction with the IsoArk – Isolation Chamber for rapid erection in any place that is required

  • Features:

    • High air change rate
    • High efficiency HEPA filter
    • Radiation source integrated
    • Extremely low noise level
    • Compact and portable unit
    • Adjustable airflow rate up to 2200 m3
    • Very simple filter change
    • Heavy duty design for professional applications

  • Standards:

    • ISO 9001:2000
    • Quality Assurance AQAP 2110
    • HEPA-filter efficiency EN 1822 IEST-PR-CC-001.3

  • Certifications:

    • UL 507
    • CSA 113
    • UL 60601